Dissecting ‘The Donald’ in the 2nd Presidential Debate — Misguided on Nat. Sec. Policy.

Today, Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump clashed in St. Louis in a town hall, the setting for the second debate of the 2016 campaign season.

In the wake of quite possibly the darkest days of the ‘Trump 2016' campaign, it is clear that the strategy of the Republican nominee should have been one of damage limitation, however we saw quite the opposite.

Starting out on the offensive, Donald Trump began by announcing part of his victory plan, which includes instructing his Attorney General, to get a ‘special’ prosector to look into her accused ‘lies’. Other than demonstrating a complete lack of understand about how the Executive & Judicial branches of Government work, this just further affirmed the desperate plight of the Trump Campaign in another embarrassing week.

When asked about tax documents leaked earlier this month by The New York Times, showing that he hadn’t paid tax in almost two decades, Donald J. Trump confirmed the authenticity of these documents by saying “Of course I do…” In response to a question from CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper regarding the use of these documents to avoid the payment of personal tax.

Although shocking, this is hardly surprising in a week where national newspaper The Washington Post published an audio recording of Donald J. Trump in 2005 describing how he has previously forced himself upon women, using the excuse “When you’re a star, they let you…”, the tape which is over 3 minutes long in its entirety becomes increasingly explicit, leading to many calls for him to pull out of the Presidential race. Just 48 hours after the release of the tape, the Trump endorsements are falling like a house-of-cards. One of those whom has retracted his support for the former-Apprentice star, is Utah Governor Gary Herbert who called Trump’s statements ‘beyond offensive…’

Taking attentions away from the candidates themselves, when the town hall debate eventually moved onto policy talk, more holes in the Trump campaign appeared. It has almost become a staple of any Trump speech recently, for a claim to be made that he opposed the war in Iraq, however there is substantial evidence to the contrary.

Perhaps the most erroneous claims however, came on the discussion of Syria and the refugee crisis. While discussing a US agreement with Russia to a temporary seize-fire in Syria, Trump falsely claimed that the US had signed a “peace treaty” and claimed that “…hundreds and thousands…” of immigrants were arriving in the US, of whom we “…know nothing about,” These are clearly the words of a candidate with no military experience or knowledge of foreign policy, who again questioned why the assault on Mosel was announced to the public before hand. The complete lack of understanding of national security and military policy sparked vicious reactions online, one of which came from Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy Spokesperson, Jesse Lehrich.

It would seem only fair in the name of bipartisanship to mention how the evening’s debate went for Camp Clinton, however perhaps the most standout moment for her in the debate was the ‘fly incident’ which exploded on twitter with some calling it her ‘Bernie’s Bird’ moment.

Finishing the debate, the candidates were asked by a member of the audience to identify ‘one positive thing’ about each-other. Clinton finished the debate by complimenting Trumps family rather than Trump himself, and strangely, Donald Trump complimented Clinton on her strength, despite claiming last month she lacked the health and strength to even hold office.

The third and final Presidential debate will take place on Wednesday, October 19th.

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