Cansado realmente de los digital nomads.
David Macías

David, the beauty of our relationship here is that it is truly symbiotic: a give and take off knowledge, shoulders to cry on and a threesome love affair with the world’s finest rum.

When we — over two years ago — decided to stay on the Canaries for a few months we had no idea we would end up staying until today. And it was not only the amount of sunny days and the quality waves but rather the new found friends that kept us here.

I feel I have learned a lot during our stay. I am specially thankful for all the one-on-one conversations, the group chats and the startup events. And without a doubt, I have not met anybody more passionate about startups then you. Keep up the good work. Even (or specially) when you have a big hang over. Keep in mind that, no matter if you are in Las Palmas, Santiago, Silicon Valley or Bali, it’s the entrepreneurs — not the institutions nor the nomads — that build, are and own their ecosystems.