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How do you effect systematic change?

Two choices: manipulate the system from within, or stand apart.

Working from within can be a long and arduous journey. Fraught with apathy, ingrained behaviours and vested interests.

Standing apart is liberating. It allows us to disassociate from the status quo. There’s no need be too accommodating or democratic. We can be pure about ideals. We are free to embark on a new mission, create a greater vision, or set a higher standard.

Historical leaders from the past like Martin Luther King, Emmeline Pankhurst, and Mahatma Gandhi stood apart. These days, we are able to consolidate and amplify our voices…

And will 2018 see the ascendency of human brands?

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“What are the projects that will replace famine, plague and war at the top of the human agenda in the twenty-first century?”

That is the question Yuval Noah Harari asks in his book Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. It is a huge question, and Harari offers suggestions on what those projects might be:

  1. “To protect humankind and the planet as a whole from the dangers inherent in our own power.”
  2. “To find the key to happiness.”

(He also describes a third big project that subsumes the other two, but that would take me off topic! So I’ll leave that for you to discover!)

These two humanist ‘projects’ will require a massive shift in consciousness and capital:

  • At micro level —…

Advice for startup leaders… (Hint: Don’t give too much advice!)

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It’s exciting to see so many young entrepreneurs tackling our social and environmental problems with such a great sense of purpose, passion and, perhaps, a little naivety — exploring ambitious new ideas and discovering innovative solutions.

However, what starts out as an exciting adventure can soon become an overwhelming challenge as startups begin to grow. New entrepreneurs that lack management experience must quickly discover their own personal leadership style.

Horses for courses

More often than not, creative people intuitively reject autocratic leadership styles that might appear to be in the ascendency around the world. …

Tim Moore

Entrepreneurship, Pedagogy, Nurturing Creative Talent & High-Performance Culture. Managing Partner at We Are Human

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