Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2016 Test Sentences

Thank you for choosing Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2016! Please type these forty sentences as fast as possible. Your results will be used to calculate your WPM (words per minute.)

1. Mavis Beacon walked down Central avenue.

2. She looked at the ground as she moved.

3. It was a cold, autumn morning.

4. Mavis double-checked the address of the restaurant on her phone.

5. She and Derrick had decided to meet for lunch.

6. They had not seen each other in seventy two hours.

7. Mavis walked into the restaurant and couldn’t tell if it was seat yourself or not.

8. The bartender said, “It’s seat yourself.”

9. Mavis thought the bartender said that in a condescending, millennial way.

10. Mavis sat in a booth, having arrived at the restaurant much earlier than Derrick.

11. Derrick was fucking late again.

12. Mavis looked at her phone.

13. She looked at herself using the camera to see if her eyes were puffy.

14. They were a little puffy.

15. Derrick finally showed up, and approached Mavis for a hug.

16. It felt like one of those hugs where someone is trying to embrace you, and push you away.

17. Derrick asked Mavis how she’d been doing.

18. “Okay.” lied Mavis.

19. “Yeah, I’ve had a tough time too.” said Derrick. Which is weird, because he started this breakup.

20. A hot waitress came over, because life is cruel.

21. The hot waitress took Mavis and Derrick’s orders with her unpuffy eyes.

22. After the hot, skinny waitress left, Mavis and Derrick just sat there.

23. Derrick eventually said a meek “I’m sorry.”

24. Mavis asked why Derrick introduced her to his parents if he was just going to break up with her down the road.

25. Derrick said he didn’t think that was a big deal.

26. It is a big deal to introduce someone to your parents when you are in your thirties.

27. Derrick explained again that the best place for an aspiring DJ to be right now is Seattle, and if he’s gonna move there in a few years, why not break up now and get it over with?

28. Mavis almost fucking lost it when she heard that.

29. Then Derrick said they didn’t have anything in common, and accused Mavis of only caring about typing.

30. Mavis said she had other interests.

31. “Like what?” said Derrick.

32. “Grammar.” said Mavis.

33. “That has to do with typing.” said Derrick.

34. Mavis told Derrick that she never would have gotten in the way of his “career”.

35. Derrick said that he loved Mavis, but not enough to move with her.

36. Mavis sank back in the booth.

37. The hot, skinny, redhead waitress came over, said some dumb things, and then left the check.

38. Derrick paid, like that was gonna make all this okay.

39. Derrick and Mavis put on their jackets and said goodbye to each other. Derrick said some bullshit about her being special or whatever.

40. Mavis walked out into the cold autumn day and wondered why she does this to herself. She thought about going back to dating within the typing community, but she just couldn’t imagine being with that kind of guy again. So she just walked, and kept on walking, and thought that maybe people are supposed to die alone and that’s okay. That’s okay. That’s okay. That’s okay.

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