Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Friday: I got out of work early and was so productive. I visited a bunch of my professors and advisers to drop off thank you notes (that I wrote back in June, oops) and had nice chats with each of them. Then I went to the library, spent $7 at the farmer’s market on excellent peaches, and bought $33 worth of various items at CVS.

Saturday: Went shopping with my good friend whom I haven’t seen for two months, lots of excellent chatting and catching up. I spent $5 on coffee, $7 on a delicious bahn mi and $12 on more farmer’s market produce. In the afternoon I tutored (+$11, short session) and then went to a spontaneous get-together at a friend’s place. I met some awesome people and even got offered a ride home so I didn’t have to Uber (free!).

Sunday: Church and brunch to catch up with another friend ($5 for a bagel sandwich). I relaxed all afternoon, finished reading Happy Potter and the Cursed Child and tutored (+$30). Then I went to dinner for my old roommate’s birthday ($26 for my meal and an app to share). It was torrentially raining so we all piled into an Uber to ride back to her apartment, where we found room in our full stomachs to eat cupcakes.

Total: $54. I estimated zero (lol) but all of the socializing was worth it!

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