Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Friday: My boss gave me and my coworker tickets to a fundraiser for the Women’s Law Project. I spent $3.50 on parking, but otherwise nothing, because I don’t have enough disposable income to participate in a silent auction, haha. One of my boss’s colleagues also gave her tickets to the entry-level people on her team, so it was fun to see them too. Afterwards, we went to coworker’s favorite bar, which I’ve been meaning to try for ages, and met up with her partner, who treated us to a round of drinks and we had a really nice chat :)

Saturday: Skyped with BF, lazed a bit, got a late lunch at the cafe around the corner (free with gift card), went to the library, bought iced coffee ($2.50) and paid fine ($8.50, this had been building up for a while). Went home, cleaned, did yoga — very relaxing evening.

Sunday: Volunteered at the soup kitchen in the morning. Went out to lunch with my grandpa, he had a coupon and then insisted on treating. Bought a few groceries on the way home, $13. Took a nap, then went for a run since the weather was gorgeous. The run was short and verrry slow, but I’m feeling more motivated to exercise again which is great. And BF comes home in less than 36 hours, which is also great :)

Total: $27.50 (estimated $45)

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