Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Friday: Saw a new apartment, thought it over for about 20 minutes and then decided to take it since there was a lot of interest. I didn’t estimate the $275 deposit and the rent is a little higher than my current place, but it will be well worth in terms of my sanity. It’s an efficiency, so no roommates for the first time in my adult life! Afterwards, I listed to podcasts, watched TV and went to bed early.

Saturday: My housemates had a shouting match at 8 am, confirming that moving out is a good idea. I volunteered at the food bank. This time I helped with the food distribution, instead of repacking food at the central warehouse. It was organized chaos, but a lot of fun and very rewarding — I’m definitely planning to go back next month. My grandparents took me to lunch afterwards. As per usual, they wouldn’t let me pay but my fatty, greasy burger was delicious after hauling bags of groceries all morning. Then I went grocery shopping ($53, $13 over estimate) signed my lease, and made cornbread for Friendsgiving. I saw friends I hadn’t seen in ages and came home with more food than I brought, so that was a win.

Sunday: Lazed in the morning, then went on a first date that started with coffee and turned into eating frozen yogurt while it snowed outside. I did in fact pay for myself, so $7 for that. Afterwards, I hung out at the library for a few hours and finished my book, then met a friend for delicious Indian food for dinner ($16).

Total: $76, $16 over estimate, not counting apartment deposit