Monday Check In!
Ester Bloom

I didn’t estimate but here’s what I spent:

Friday: Skype date, then watched the Olympics. I think that was it?

Saturday: Volunteered at the food bank with my grandpa. We met up with my grandma for lunch afterwards and they treated. Afterwards I took a short nap, then went for a run. It was like running in a sauna (note to self — no more runs at 4 pm on humid days in August, even if I’m training for a race in September).

Sunday: Worked on applications. $5 for coffee and a bagel, $130 for the application I submitted. Then I tutored (+$30), did chores, went for a shorter (and much cooler) run, and spent $8 on Oreos and milk at CVS.

Total: $87. Would have been a positive number if not for the application fee!