Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

I didn’t estimate, but I was aiming for a low spend weekend since I spent alllll the money in October.

Friday: Picked up a six pack and mixers to bring to a Halloween party ($14). It was fun, but I didn’t know a ton of people, got sleepy and bailed early.

Saturday: Very lazy day. I spent no money, didn’t leave the house and got caught up on books, podcasts, and Netflix. It was an introvert’s dream day.

Sunday: I went to a refugee aid awareness project set up by Doctors Without Borders. It was very inspirational and moving — the tour guides were all MSF staff who had been all over the world, and they had great stories to tell. It was also free, but I intend to make a donation to them out of my November budget. Afterwards, I bought myself a waffle with strawberries and whipped cream from a little stand in the park ($4.50, so worth it) and went to the library. I met up with a friend — she studied while I worked on various med school-related tasks. Then I went home to read the books I checked out. Overall, a very restful weekend.

Total: $18.50.

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