But I suspect that, deep down, I am incapable of telling anybody to fuck off. I can use money to solve problems, but I’m also the conflict-avoidant type who prefers to manage her feelings and look for solutions where nobody has to get mad. (Except me, but I’m already mad, so I’ve already proven I can handle it.)
My Fuck Off Fund Is More Like a Fuck You Fund
Nicole Dieker

I don’t think this is true. It might seem true in life circumstances where the people around you generally act like responsible and respectful adults (and that’s a good thing!). But I think if you ended up in a business arrangement or a friendship or a romantic relationship where you were clearly being taken advantage of, you wouldn’t hesitate to stand up for yourself and use your Fuck Off Fund to make that happen. Basically, I think it’s easy to imagine medium-bad situations to use your FOF instead of Very Bad situations when your life is relatively stable and secure (thanks in large part to your own hard work and responsibility). But Very Bad situations can sneak up on people or happen catastrophically, and I think you’d be in a good position to say “Eff off” should one occur.

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