Monday Check-In!
Meghan Nesmith

Like many of the others, I appreciate your honesty Meghan. I think the neat thing about this website — it encourages us to share our mistakes (and victories!) and move on instead of obsessing about them silently.

My weekend was lovely, although not quite what I had planned.

Friday date at the arts festival was very nice, with absolutely beautiful weather. I spent $9 on dinner and he treated for ice cream later.

Saturday I worked on applications at home, not at the library, so I didn’t buy coffee or treats, but I did buy myself anatomy and physiology coloring books as a reward for (almost) finishing (this section) of my applications ($33). Then in the evening I went for drinks with a friend — $30 including a delicious brie quesadilla.

Sunday I tutored in the morning (+$30) and had a third date with the guy. Walking in the park and watching a Netflix movie were free. Dinner was my first time trying Korean food and it was delicious. He treated again but it’ll be my turn next time.

Total: $45 (my estimate was $8 lol)

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