Do We Deny Ourselves More Often Than We Treat Ourselves?
Nicole Dieker

My “discretionary food” budget is a pretty good barometer of my treating vs. denying habits. When I was growing up, buying prepared food was (and still is) very much against my mom’s definition of financial responsibility — no buying lunch at the zoo or museum, no snacks at the school cafeteria, very rare dinners out .

So when I started earning and spending my own money, buying any food not made at home was simultaneously a treat and a luxury. I probably spend a lot less in this category than most people, but I am always tempted by my adult freedom to walk into any fast food store, coffee shop or restaurant and buy food whenever I want it. I spend a lot of mental energy on this (more support for the “Excessive control over small purchases” theory) and I do enjoy my mini-splurges, but sometimes I wish I was better at denying myself for longer periods of time so I can treat myself to something more substantial and less temporary, like a new dress or top that I’ll wear for years

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