Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Oh if only my estimate was $0 this weekend…

Tonight: Today is my last day at my job! My coworkers are treating me to lunch and I have to pack up my desk and I will make a halfhearted attempt to work on the stuff that my boss dumped on me at 3:30 pm yesterday, but if I don’t finish it…I really don’t care? (She’s a really great boss, she just puts things off, and it’s something my coworkers can totally handle, #billfoldlivejournal). Then some college friends are coming to visit for the weekend. They’ll get here after dinner and then we’ll hit up some of our old favorite bars ($25).

Tomorrow: Not sure what the plans are. I’ll estimate $20 for at least one meal out and probably something outdoorsy if the weather is nice. Throw in another $20 for who knows what.

Sunday: Going to the Open Streets festival in the morning. $10 for a bike rental and $5 for iced coffee. $10 for some sort of lunch after my friends leave (I’m craving Chipotle) and then another $5 for coffee with my friend and her boyfriend, who I’m meeting for the first time even though they’ve been dating for almost 6 months.

Total: $95

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