Tuesday Check-in
Megan Reynolds

So this weekend went a little differently than planned…I went out on Friday night and met a fellow, and we ended up spending a good chunk of the weekend together. It’s just a fling by mutual agreement, but it was pretty fun (#billfoldlivejournal)

Spending: $15 on a round of drinks Friday night, $34 on a lunch with a friend Saturday (I treated since he’s moving to CA in two weeks — he’s so excited about it, and I’m super happy for him). $7 on Chipotle and $8 on a bottle of wine on Sunday. I did no laundry and minimal cooking. I didn’t estimate Monday spending since I worked yesterday, but I spent $7 at the grocery store and $12 at Monday night trivia.

Total: $64 (not including Monday spending). I estimated $28 lol.

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