Friday Estimate
Megan Reynolds

Tonight: Boyfriend moved back to my city on Tuesday, so we’re going shopping tonight to help furnish his new apartment. He’ll be doing most of the spending, but I’ll budget $30 for me because I always find something to buy at Target. We’re cooking dinner at his place and then probably watching a movie since the weather is gross.

Saturday: The weather is supposed to continue being gross, so any outside activities are unlikely. No real plans, but I’ll say $20 for a meal out at some point.

Sunday: Again, no plans for the morning. If the weather clears up I might play outdoor volleyball, and then BF and I are going to a concert (tickets were free!). We may get dinner beforehand, not sure Who Will Pay, but say $40 if I do? (One thing about being long-distance for most of our relationship is that we haven’t had much practice with these conversations, and both of us would rather be the one treating than the one being treated, haha)

Total: $90, rounding up to $100 to include an Uber ride or two.