Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Tonight: Going to a strawberry festival with BF. We’re going to eat dessert first ($10 including some strawberries to take home) and then cook dinner after at his place.

Tomorrow: Meeting my friend at the outdoor market. Since I last saw her a month ago, she graduated, took a trip to Europe and started a new job, so we will have a lot to talk about. I’ll budget $40 for food and any things that catch my eye. Later I want to go visit my other friend who broke her foot last weekend — I’ll offer to bring something/help with any chores she can’t do while mobility-challenged ($??? but I’ll guess $30 to be safe?)

Sunday: Volunteering at the soup kitchen in the morning. I’d like to see Wonder Woman, so maybe I can talk the BF into going to that with me? $20 if I do, since I’ll probably treat.

I’d also like to squeeze in a library visit and some time outside this weekend, since the weather is supposed to be gorgeous after 2ish weeks of cold and rain!

Total: $100 even.

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