When You Have to Pay $150 to Do Your Homework
Nicole Dieker

Ugh yes, online access codes for textbook websites were very common during my four years of college. Most professors were at least a little apologetic about it, but I still bought access for two semesters of biology, two semesters of chemistry, one semester of organic chemistry, two semesters of physics, and five semesters of Spanish. My calculus class and physics lab used a free online homework system, which I appreciated. A few professors used online homework for extra credit or “extra practice” so it technically wasn’t mandatory, and a few mentioned that they would be accommodating if the cost was a burden. At least one of the platforms was really worth it — it had great software for drawing organic chemistry molecules and good hints and answer explanations to help you with difficult problems. Others were riddled with errors and bugs and felt like a huge waste of money.

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