Why your friends will never be your family

I never thought I would write a story with the title above as my friends play a very important role in my life. Especially when I was younger I would always put my friends first. My mom used to complain about that. It was always my friends, my friends, my friends. I just felt better understood by them and preferred to spend my time with them. I guess many of you behaved similarly as this behavior has become very common nowadays.

Now what’s so wrong about it you would probably ask. No one loves you as much as your parents. Of course this sadly does not apply for everyone but starting of from a “normal” case this is for sure true. They love you from the very first day that you were born and keep on loving you no matter what. You are their everything and they would give anything in the world to make you happy. Not because of your personality or because you treat them in a good way but because they love your for your existence. Who else loves you just because you were born? No one…

Another sad thing that probably everyone experienced before is that friends come and go. Your life changes, the place you live changes, your priorities change, … your friends might change as well and so does your friendship. You can change too. It’s impossible to stay one and the same person forever so having different friends at different stages of life is a normal thing. Of course some friends stay but those are exceptions. I never liked to give up on people but sometimes everything changes and you just have to accept it. You can’t force people to stay the same and you shouldn’t force yourself either.

And here comes the beautiful thing about love: if you marry someone or have kids with them they also become your family. So all I said above applies for them too. Of course you can get divorced but the idea of a marriage is becoming one. Forever. So this is to my mind the reason why there will always be a difference between your family and your friends and it’s natural. I always used to put them on the same level but I have to admit it’s wrong. And the sooner you understand this the better your choices will be.