Contentful Time Tracking With Zapier!

We all know how important is to create high quality content when realizing a marketing strategy (because content is the King!). But even unique writing and creating skills are poor without having the way how to manage it. Thanks to Zapier you can now track time for your Contentful activites using TimeCamp!

Tracking time is essential for all the activities related to content designing. Why? Because it helps people to organize their work in more effective way, to they have more time to think about their work and all the ideas. Using TimeCamp and Contentful integration by Zapier you can manage your time for all the content types.

Check how easily you can integrate your Contentful account with TimeCamp using Zapier!

First you have to connect Zapier with your Contentful account. Then you will be able to turn your content entries into new TimeCamp projects and start track time spent on creating them.

In the same way you can also turn content types into new individual tasks to stay perfectly organized with your entries.

Watch those videos posted below and check how easily you can track time for all the content created using Contentful!

New project:

New task:

Track time for all the activites thanks to TimeCamp and Contentful integration by Zapier!

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