How To Get 1000 Potential Customers As New Users That Visit Your Site Using Social Media


We wanted to share a case study which is actually a project named “100 most inspiring people in project management”.

Our product is made for creative agencies (including US, UK and Australia) so we have to be interested in everything which is related to work management on these markets. We came up with the idea of gathering all the sites and blogs that we are reading during the morning coffee at work. They are also engaging, inspiring and giving us something new. As a company active on project management market we decided to create a ranking of 100 people who are most inspiring to us in project managers work. The results of our job are available here:

1… 2… 3… Wow! 100 Most Inspiring People in Project Management

Our next step was to inform these people about our nomination through emails, Twitter or Linkedin. Unfortunately we were unable to inform some of them, because we could not get their contact details or they did not respond to our message. We didn’t want to base on other summaries. We wanted to appreciate people that really deserve it. In next step, we wrote article about them and then published it on few Twitter accounts and LinkedIn Groups. We thought that our article will be useful for all the people who are interested in management, so they will read it and familiarize with our product by the way. We also wanted to appreciate these people for doing right job, cause sometimes even we are waiting for a feedback, so why not? They completely deserve it. We successfully spread this article, especially through social media channels.

The feedback of its popularity after 9 days:

Visits: more than 1500 sessions by 1100 users


Increase of website traffic from social media


By the way — in USA social media users are mostly mobile


Main social media channels used to popularize this article:


We also get some comments in other languages on blogs :)


The indirect purpose of our venture was supposed to be the promotion in Social Media. We thought that publishing our article will give us a lot of followers in both of Twitter and LinkedIn. Its popularity in Social Media surprised us positively. The following statistics has shown that USA and Japan belongs to those countries where are more mobile than desktop users. The reason of phenomenon is that Social Media are more popular among mobile devices users.

The increase of mobile and Social Media visits was noticeable and it was caused by this article. It surprised us positively. We were appreciated by our blog readers and also by the people who were included in our summary. It is very interesting that popularity of this article is getting smaller but the traffic grows sometimes. We are satisfied of accomplished results and pleased that we wrote article which could be used by the others for a long time.

Most of all, we are glad that our article was useful and that we received the feedback from users. It is noticeable at a following screen with comments from site, where we posted an entry with link to our article.

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