What’s New? Introducing Keywords!

What’s New

TimeCamp desktop app, as well as the versions designed for other platforms and devices, is packed with lots of useful features helpful to increase teams and individuals productivity. It’s also an intuitive solution which allows tracking time without any effort. We’re still trying to make it even better and more efficient for our users, so informing about new or improved feature is always a pleasure!

After Basecamp 3 integration came the time to introduce the Keywords feature!

What’s new? Introducing Keywords!

Keywords were designed to increase the potential of the desktop app. But how they work?

Thanks to this feature TimeCamp automatically searches for specific phrases included in windows and document titles you defined before. If the app finds a matching keyword, it will immediately switch to the assigned task. This is the way to make your time tracking completely automated — choose as many keywords as you want and the rest will follow!

Automatic time tracking works better for some companies especially because it’s the risk of mistakes caused by human factor is less.

All the tasks can have as many keywords as you want. If the task matches multiple keywords, our system chooses every possible keyword for window or document title.

Let’s take a look at the following example:

There are two tasks: A and B — which one our system will choose?

The answer is the one with the greater total number of characters in matching keywords.

How to utilize keywords feature?


Install a desktop app (don’t have your account? Click HERE!)

what's new

Step 2.

Create some specific keywords associated with chosen tasks

what's new

Step 3.

Set the “automatic” mode in your app,

what's new

Step 4.

Start tracking time for your tasks — when a desktop app will detect keyword change; it will automatically switch from one task to another.

Which one-time tracking mode you prefer: automatic or manual? Tell us about it in the comments!

Happy time tracking!

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