Hippie Hate

3 Reasons Why People Hate Hippies

Flower children, bohemian, beatnik, free spirits, nonconformists, or just hippies, are some of the most hated people in America, why?

What are Hippies?

When you type “hippie definition” into google, you’ll receive the following description, “ a person of unconventional appearance, typically having long hair and wearing beads, associated with a subculture involving a rejection of conventional values and the taking of hallucinogenic drugs.”.

The biggest part of that in my opinion, is the rejection of conventional values. It is ultimately, that reason for why people hate hippies. If they oppose mainstream idealism, in just about every possible way, then the average Joe is going to have a problem with that.

Reason 1: Filthiness

America has historically been a country of work. When the industrial revolution came after the civil war, many people moved to cities to labor in factories. This work was often long, hard, and yielded low wages.

To earn this money, to become employed, people would have to dress their best, and look impressive to their employer. This tradition up until modern day stands firm.

So the look of clean shaving and dressing properly, is directly correlated with work. Hippies however, dress unconventionally, and don’t follow standard hygienic routines such as shaving, and clean cut hair.

Some hippies have thick rolly-polly dreadlocks, that host civilizations of vermin and other unspeakable horrors. They commonly wear unprofessional clothes, that wouldn’t even meet the criteria for them to be considered casual. Their whole appearance makes them look lazy, and it spits in the eye of the working man.

Reason 2: Societal Setback

Historically, Americans are profoundly known for invention and innovation. The telegraph, the light bulb, the Ford Model-T, all of these are examples of Americans inventing something, then innovating it into society.

People like the concept of change, work, and progressive ideals. However, hippies advocate for a type of change that doesn’t lead to the progression of society. Our lovely flower children advocate for ideals that are regressive. They push a counter culture, which only creates turmoil for mainstream culture.

They often are vagabonds, and live in small sub societies that produce nothing, with the occasional exception of hemp hacky sacks and murderous occults. If we followed their societal framework, we’d be set back hundreds of years, centuries full of progress in science and medicine.

Reason 3: Unemployed

Most Americans aren’t fond of unemployment. We often work so hard to be hired, earn a raise, or be promoted. Our bohemian dropouts however, voluntarily choose to be poor or homeless.

This infuriates so many people, because we pay taxes for anti poverty programs such as food stamps and job corps. Meanwhile, there are people who’ll refuse any and all of our collective efforts to assist them out of poverty, simply because they think our way of life working, is “stupid”.

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