How to #Murica like a boss

Your favorite non-profit sports organization is laughing at you, America. (oh, you didn’t know the NFL wasn’t in business for profit? Yep – tax-exempt all the way, but that is a subject for another day.)

Here in Texas a couple of weeks back, the Dallas Cowboys announced plans to wear a small sticker commemorating five assassinated officers. The NFL took the “high road”, and shut that provocative idea down, stat.

When Colin Kaepernick chose to “sit this one out” during our national anthem, insulting all that have ever served, all that have ever celebrated our Independence Day, or even anyone that has DREAMEDof some day becoming an American, the NFL sat quietly by.

As for Colon’s socks depicting pigs in cop uniforms? Nothing but crickets from the revered commissioner, Roger Goodell. Maybe he was too busy counting the $205.8 million he has made since 2008 running the behemoth “charity”.

Our beloved NFL had obviously chosen sides on a heated political/social debate.

On one side are Americans that recognize our unprecedented contribution as a nation to humankind, while acknowledging our imperfections.

On the other side are those that choose to ignore all positive contributions, and pick at the scabs of old wounds, inflaming bigotry and hate, and quite honestly, embracing a hatred for all things #Murica.

If you love America, it’s time to give the NFL some tough love. I love me some football. But I love me some freedom and liberty more.

Right now, the NFL is not only stepping in it, they are stepping on it.

So, goodbye for now, NFL.

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