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How can I reach you?

You can reach us through the chat in the app (click on the coffee cup on the top left), or via Twitter at @time4coffeeApp or via Email at

How can I take part in the beta tests?

Just join us on TestFlight on the following link:

Can I use Time for Coffee! in the Shortcut Apps?

It’s more complicated, than it could be, but see the post “Remote” calls in Time for Coffee! (from Version 1.26 on, not published yet, but available in Beta)

Can I call Time for Coffee! with some custom URLs?

“timeforcoffee://nearby” calls the initial screen with the nearby stations, “timeforcoffee://favorites” calls the favorite sceen, “timeforcoffee://closest” calls the closest station and its departures, and “timeforcoffee://station?id=$someStationId” calls the departure…

! Only available in the not yet released 1.26 version, but you can join our beta.!

You can call the Time for Coffee! app from the “outside”, either through some clipboard magic or through a x-callback-url. The first is especially useful for calling Time for Coffee! in the Shortcuts app to do your own fancy shortcuts with Time for Coffee!

Unfortunately, Apple didn’t implement yet a way to have really useful action for any app in the Shortcuts app. … built the Time for Coffee! app as a Free app. This SERVICE is provided by at no cost and is intended for use as is.

This page is used to inform visitors regarding our policies with the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information if anyone decided to use our Service.

If you choose to use our Service, then you agree to the collection and use of information in relation to this policy. The Personal Information that we collect is used for providing and improving the Service. …

While the last view releases were quite incremental and were mainly smart improvements, now comes a new big release with many exciting new features (and more to come in the next release)

WatchOS 2

Finally it’s here. We had a prototype since a long time, but it wasn’t that easy to make it work right (and we had some TestFlight issues with it). But now is the time. Time for Coffee! on the Apple Watch is developed against WatchOS 2 (the “old” version of course also worked on the Apple Watch with WatchOS 2).

While the UI didn’t change much, it now…

Last night Time for Coffee! got a little update for the Watch App. We improved some parts of the code how the data is loaded, so that it should be “snappier” now. As with most non-native Watch Apps, it’s still too slow sometimes, but on average, data is updated faster now.

We already started with porting the Watch to WatchOS 2, which should make faster apps finally possible. We keep you posted (or if you wanna help out, the code is here: ;))

After reports from users that the app crashes for them (thanks a lot for the feedback) and some investigation from our side, we figured out that when you set your iPhone to 12 hour time format, it indeed crashes. The fix was then done quite fast (for the techically minded, we had to set a locale when using NSDateFormatter in this commit) and we asked for an expedited review from Apple, which was granted within hours. Now you can enjoy our app, even if you have set your iPhone to 12 hour format.

Furthermore we also changed the Watch App…

The Apple Watch will be available in Switzerland on Friday, so is our Watch App and the whole source code for it

After some battles with code, requirements and real hardware, the Apple Watch App for our public transport App was finally released last week. Just in time for the Apple Watch release in Switzerland this Friday.

Here’s a very rough video, what the App can do on the Watch

If you don’t have the app yet, go and get it at App Store. …

We finally submitted the app for review a week ago (after a lot of struggles to get an app store account for a non-profit association). Today I realised, I made a stupid error… So I had to cancel it. Since the beta test is soon expiring, we decided to publish a hopefully last beta build. Before you can actually download it from the app store. Neverending story ;)

Anyway, here’s the small changelog, since not much changed in the last weeks:

  • Make it possible on the iPad to get back and some more fixes on the search results screen (dismiss keyboard on scroll for example)
  • Removed background location capability to satisfy the App Store reviewer (was only needed for the watch app, which needs some time anyway to be ready)
  • Disable rotation for maps


  • Flickering/jumping on the today screen should hopefully be gone. It now always displays the last view with the last cached data first (and reloads current data as soon as it’s ready).
  • You can favorite/unfavorite on the today screen now
  • Ability to configure the amount of lines shown in the today screen. It’s well hidden now, ‘cause we don’t know where to put it in the end and the settings screen is still ugly. Go to the About screen and double tap on the logo…
  • The Today view on the iPhone 4S is not truncated anymore
  • Upgraded to Xcode 6.3/iOS SDK 8.3


No major new features this time. But we do now cache more departures data, so you should see information even if your network is bad at a specific moment (of course, if you have looked at that station before, we can’t do magic ;)). And we also catch more error conditions now for a more pleasant experience

Build 35/34

  • Cache more departures to get even faster to your information
  • Refactored the station-fetching code, less code duplication, more consistent behaviour, more info, even if network is bad
  • Fixed some error conditions and reporting (outside switzerland, no location, airplane mode), segfaults and hangs

Time for Coffee!

Real-time public transport departure times for Switzerland —

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