Build 26 released, with revamped Today Screen


  • Added a “Stations” button, instead of “Next”, in the Today Screen. It shows you an overview of nearby stations. Click on one to see the details.
  • Last viewed stations on the today screen are now remembered. It will be shown, if you look at it again within 5 minutes (desperately checking for the next bus), or didn’t go much further away from that station within 30 minutes. If you want to see it as first view in other locations, put it in as a favourite, it will be shown first, if it’s the nearest favourite and within 1km (that’s an old feature ;))
  • New images for buttons ;)
  • Some small bugfixes and crash prevention
  • Some memory improvements on the today screen
  • Hopefully feature complete now for a public release (apart from a help/onboarding screen), we now work mainly on design/UI issues (and bug fixes, of course)
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