10 Years, 10 Snacks from SupperworksKW

Meal planning isn’t just about the main course! Planning your snacks ahead of time is helpful too. In honour of our ten-year anniversary at SupperworksKW, we’re sharing ten perfect on-the-go snacks to help you stay full and nourished between meals.

Carrots and celery with hummus

Easy to prepare and transport, the vegetables will provide fibre while hummus will provide the protein that helps you stay full.

Greek yogurt with chia seeds

Try high-protein Greek yogurt, with chia seeds or hemp hearts added, to create a filling and healthy snack that’s easy to take with you on the go! Stick with plain or vanilla Greek yogurt to cut down on added sugar.

Homemade trail mix

Visit your favourite bulk store to put together your own personal trail mix! Include some nuts for protein and healthy fats (we love almonds and walnuts) and some dried fruit for a little sweetness (dried cranberries and dried cherries are delicious in trail mix).

Homemade granola bars

Making homemade granola bars is an excellent and simple way to cut out some added sugar and tailor the nutritional content to what you need (whether it’s more fibre, more protein, or more zinc)! Even better, the Internet is full of fantastic, easy granola bar recipes.


If you’re craving something salty and crunch in your lunch, popcorn can be a great option! Stovetop poppers that allow you to pop kernels from scratch are ideal, because they allow you to control the amount of salt and flavour. Pack in a Tupperware container to enjoy a salty treat between meals!

Vegetable chips

If you’re looking for a salty snack that’s low on carbohydrates, try vegetable chips! Whether you go with kale, parsnips, or beets, vegetable chips often come baked, making them a healthier option than traditional potato chips. Portion out a small amount in a portable container to snack on while you work or run errands.

Roasted chickpeas

If you’re getting tired of nuts or pretzels, try roasted chickpeas! They can be oven-roasted with almost any spice or seasoning, and make a fibrous, protein-rich midday snack.

Cheese, crackers, and cherry tomatoes

The sweetness of ripe cherry tomatoes and the saltiness of cheese and crackers makes a perfect, easy to pack snack! Enjoy this as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up the next time you’re having a hectic workday.

Hard-boiled eggs

You might not think of eggs as snack food, but a hard-boiled egg can make a delicious, protein-packed snack on its own or added to a salad. While they require cooking ahead of time, they’re easy to travel with.

Natural peanut butter

Natural nut butters (whether peanut, almond, or hazelnut) tend to contain less sugar than regular nut butters, which means you’re more likely to feel full for longer. Try spreading it on whole grain crackers or a tortilla shell for a nutritious snack.

Do you have a favourite snack not featured here? Tell us more in the comments.

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