4 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

When many people think about spring cleaning, they picture rubber gloves and lots of cleaning products. While having a clean space to cook in is important, spring cleaning your kitchen is so much more than that!

In my experience, the more obstacles there are in your kitchen, the less likely it is that you’ll want to spend time cooking in it. One of the best ways to cut back on takeout and cook more meals at home is to make starting the meal as easy as possible. Keeping your kitchen free of cooking obstacles can mean keeping your counter and sinks free of dirty dishes, but that’s just the beginning. Here are my top tips for making your kitchen an easy place to cook and a pleasant place to spend time in.

  • Ask yourself, “is there anything about my kitchen that stops me from cooking?” There’s no wrong answer to this question! Whether your kitchen contains too much clutter, is poorly lit, or doesn’t have enough storage space, identify any specific aspects of your kitchen that make cooking more difficult or unpleasant than it needs to be. Determining what factors often stop you from cooking is the first step to eliminating them.
  • Reassess your essential kitchen items: It can be easy to accumulate a lot of kitchen gadgets, and hard to justify getting rid of non-essential items. After all, you never know when you might need rarely-used items. However, if digging through your drawers and cabinets to find the right spatula or measuring spoon is taking up a lot of your time, you may want to consider donating unused kitchen items that are still in good condition to a charity or good cause.
  • Non-perishable items have expiry dates: It’s easy to stock up on canned goods like soup or canned vegetables when they’re on sale, and then forget about them. When you spring clean your kitchen, evaluate what’s taking up precious cupboard space, and remember to check the expiry dates on your canned goods so you can donate them to your local food bank before they expire.
  • Keep non-kitchen items out: For many families, the kitchen is often the central location for gathering, and it can quickly become a catch-all area for school permission forms, receipts, mail, and other items that have nothing to do with cooking! See if you can keep valuable counter and kitchen table space free of clutter by designating another “catch-all” area in the house that won’t interfere with the ease of preparing a meal.

Wondering about the best way to make cooking in your kitchen more fun? At Supperworks, we can help you figure it out.

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