5 Tips for Hassle Free Meal Planning

Meal time for any family can be chaotic. There’s always a mad dash to get dinner ready as you get through the door, kids are screaming and arguing in the living room, and you’re trying to win the ever ongoing battle between making something that your kids will eat, something that’s healthy, and something the adults will enjoy. Don’t reach for that box of pre-cooked, frozen chicken fingers just yet. Meal planning doesn’t have to be difficult, tedious, or complicated! Here are five tips to help you practice realistic and effective meal planning on the weekend to help alleviate some of those stressful weeknights!

1. Make a list of all the meals you plan on making that week and then itemize each meal to make your grocery list. If you know what you’re making throughout the week, making a grocery list is a breeze! Just make sure you write down everything you’ll need for your meals on your grocery list before you head to the grocery store. You may also find you save some money and waste less food by cutting down on impulse buys.

2. Set aside some time on Sunday to do some meal prep. If you know one meal requires a lot of cut up vegetables or a certain meat needs to be marinated, do some of this prep work on Sunday when you have some free time to take some of the pressure off your already hectic weeknights. This is also a great thing to do with your kids! They’ll love helping you in the kitchen and may be more likely to eat their meal without a fuss since they helped you make it!

3. Invest in proper containers! Glass or stainless steel containers may be a bit more expensive on the shelf, but they usually last longer than plastic containers and end up being cheaper in the long run. They’re also much more environmentally friendly!

4. Make bigger batches and freeze the leftovers. It’s handy to have a stockpile of meals in the freezer for those nights where swimming lessons ran later, or your last meeting ran long, and you aren’t going to have as much time as you thought to make dinner. Instead of reaching for a takeout menu, grab some leftovers in your freezer and defrost for a nutritious and delicious meal for the whole family with none of the stress.

5. Let us handle it all for you at SupperWorks! Visit our website or come into the store to check out this month’s menu and let us do the meal planning for you! Spend one hour at SupperWorks, and you can leave with up to six wholesome and nutritious meals for your family ready to be loaded into your freezer and made with ease any night you wish!

Do you have any meal planning tips that make your weeknights less stressful? Leave your tips in the comments!


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