Why Cook with Your Coworkers?

Food is a universal language. People love to bond, strengthen relationships, and challenge each other through eating and sharing food, so I’m confident that your next corporate event at SupperWorksKW will be a fantastic bonding experience for your team! So what makes team building so successful at SupperworksKW?


Hosting a networking event at SupperWorks will be unlike any networking experience you’ve ever had. Hosting a party at SupperworkKW is an innovative way to entertain your clients and employees. Cook together, or simply enjoy some delicious wine and our incredible cheese platters while talking opportunities and building new connections at SupperWorks.

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle

Promote a healthy lifestyle at your workplace by showing your employees how easy meal planning is at SupperWorksKW. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle at your workplace will help increase productivity and decrease employee illness! Hosting an event with Supperworks is a fantastic way to kick off conversations about health and wellness in your workplace. No matter how busy you and your employees are, we’ll help you get control of your health with meal planning.

Team Building

Hosting an event outside of the workplace encourages employees to talk about something other than work. Help strengthen the bonds between your employees by creating fun shared experiences for them. Team building comes easily when you host it at SupperWorks, and we guarantee a night filled with music, laughter, and amazing food.

We know that work keeps you busy, so when you host your corporate event at Supperworks you don’t have to worry about the prep work or the clean-up. Your only job is to enjoy the event, network, and create stronger relationships with your team.

Don’t miss out on a single meal planning, organizational, or lifestyle tip! Follow my blog for everyday ways make your busy life a little bit easier.

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