My ideal gaming “device”

No, it’s not the Nintendo Switch, at least not yet.

Yes, the Nintendo Switch is great, it’s brilliant and I love the idea of being able to play wherever and whenever I want.
But it has a huge limitation for now: it can only play a handful of games.

I know I am dreaming but I can’t stop imagining a future where a device similar to the Nintendo Switch is able to stream and play all sort of games.

Just bear with me for a minute, please.

I’ve always been a PC gamer but I’ve also bought a Xbox (the first), a PS3 and a Wii and I loved playing with them all.
What it really bothers me, it’s that I don’t have much time to play videogames, so I don’t want to spend 10 minutes just to set up a game to play (or more).
Usually, I’ve to turn on the console / PC, install updates, reboot, wait for the game to start… at this point I’m usually already fed up and I just shut everything off.

Now, the Switch almost nails it: turn it on -> play.
What if everything would work like this? What if I could play every game on the Switch? I would love it.

So why streaming? Because you wouldn’t need to install anything, no updates, nothing, just hit play and.. play!
Unless the internet connection is not good enough so.. well.. in that case we are screwed.
But this is just an hypothetical scenario of an ideal future so.. let’s dream.

To be more realistic, I would love for the switch to be able to stream games from my PC, PS4 and XB1. 
This is technically possible, in a similar way KinoConsole does it (I use it daily on my iPhone and Mi Box and it works great) but I don’t see Sony and Microsoft reaching any agreement with Nintendo to play their games on a different console.

But one can dream 😉

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