Quick iOS 11 review (for iPad)

It’s been a couple of months I’m using iOS 11 on my iPad Pro 9.7" so here is a quick honest review.

I use my iPad mainly as a consumption device: reading news, browsing internet, social networks, watching movies and some small productive tasks like writing quick notes, quick photo editing and some email correspondence.

Overall impressions 👍

iOS11 on the iPad is a big step forward from iOS 10.
It’s not possible for me to use the iPad as my primary device due to nature of my work (coding and other advanced tasks), but with iOS 11 I believe the majority of the users could seriously think to replace their laptop with it.
There are still few annoying limitations and hopefully they will be all solved in the future.

Multitask + Drag & Drop 👍

The most welcomed feature of iOS 11 on the iPad is the new way of mutlitasking.
It’s nice being able to switch to others apps quickly: swiping up from the bottom of the screen will show the dock and from there it’s possible to switch to another application without having to go to the home screen first.
It’s also possible to have multiple apps running on the screen, although, I rarely use this feature: I believe the 9.7" real estate is too small for this and I don’t really feel more productive having multiple app taking up space.
It’s instead very useful when sharing content, it’s now possible to drag and drop anything from one app to another and it’s great, although third party apps need to implement this feature.

Files 👎

There is a Files app where it’s possible to see your files! Well, sort of..
Honestly I never use it and I really tried. I wish it would be more flexible but at the moment it’s very limited and relies too much on iCloud.
You can connect other storage services like Dropbox or Gdrive, but the overall experience it’s inferior to Readdle Documents app.
I tried using it with Dropbox but due to the fact that I’ve a passcode, it really doesn’t work well. 
Also I would expect to be able to download files from Safari in a similar way it works on MacOS, unzip them and move them around but.. nope.

New control center & app switching 👍

It’s great to have the ability to customize the control center, finally!
Although opening it, it’s really not straight forward, swiping the finger up, and then up again, it’s not something I feel natural.
Every single time I end up pulling up the dock, then having to push it down and pull up again.

Notification Center 👎

It’s still horrible and even more confusing since now it looks like the lock screen 🤷‍♂ 😫

New design 🙌

I love it, much more clear and modern, I’ve already implemented it in my new app.

App Store 🤞

It’s now possible to view more informations and discover new app easily. Much better than the the old one but still limited: how come I still cannot purchase an app on my desktop and have it delivered to my device?!

Notes 👍

A lot of new good features in the Notes app, it’s improving and it’s becoming a serious contender to be my main note-taking app, although I still believe Bear Notes is better.
It’s now possible to scan documents, add grids, search for your hand writing, quick open a note just tapping with the pencil on the lock screen.

Noteworthy features 👍

New Keyboard layout: it’s great, it’s possible to type number and symbols really quickly, although I always struggle to find the underscore!

Screenshots: it’s so good that I keep taking screen shots just to use it! It’s possible to annotate, share, discard it and more!

Screen recording: one word: finally! Also, awesome!

Photos: I was already a big fan of Photos and iCloud photo library, now it’s even better. And the new “Moments” are a joy to watch.

Safari: small welcomed improvements toward privacy and security.

Passwords: Finally it’s now possible to access saved Keychain passwords from ANY app password-textfield. It’s great.

Things I don’t like 👎

There are still few things that annoys me and I hope someday we will be able to see them implemented:

Default apps: setting a default app for links, email, calendars, etc should really be there.

Safari: the browsing experience is still behind compared to a desktop browser. This is the main reason it’s hard in my opinion to use the iPad as a primary device.
I wish I could at least customize the toolbar so I could put a “Show desktop website” button and a “find” button.

Gestures: it’s quite hard and confusing to remember all the correct gestures. App switcher, multitasking, dock, resize app windows, detach app, attach app, I never ever get it right the first time.


I really believe iOS 11 it’s a huge step ahead on the iPad. There are some small annoyance but I’m confident it will keep improving in the future.