Timeishare secures Trademark to $10 Billion timeshare travel scam market


With a very humble beginning in 1960’s as a novel concept, timeshare ownership tourism has gradually attracted masses of tourists, real estate developers and investors equally. It has now become one of the key segments of hospitality industry, with promises of vast growth potential for the future. The major drivers of rapid growth of timeshare industry are growing interest in vacationing activities and increasing disposable income. The greatest share of this industry consists of US and Europe which are conspicuous markets for vacation ownership. Timeishare became a famous mark after appearing over at “The News Funnel” with its Title “$1 Timeishare.com Domains solves $19.65 Billion International flight, car rental, hotel, timeshare scam and $25 Trillion Wall St Stock buyback scam” (Timeishare | The News Funnel)(2017). The Timeishare trademark was appraised by a Law Firm on its current value since its appearance on “The News Funnel” however the value pans out to be $149,000 on its appraised value, but over the years it will gross out to be $1.7 Million.

Earlier in the month of January U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Registered Trademark covering Timeishare app logo, which this innovation is geared towards redefining timeshare industry to solve travel scams relating Timeishare Goods and Services to timeshare scams. According to reports, American Resort Development Association had concerns regarding if Timeishare would be confusing to Timeshare, which this term was used since 1960’s however Lawyers at Timeishare was able to quickly examine the authenticity of the trademark Timeishare to ensure its trademark would not be in violation with TTAB. The report stated that Timeshare would not be confusingly similar to Timeishare however Timeshare industry accounts for $79 Billion dating all the way back to 2011, but in 2015 latest reports pulled $8.6 Billion in timeshare industry revenue however Timeshare scams pans out to be a $10 Billion a year problem Source: ($10 Billion a year tied to Travel Scams) (2017).

Through our Timeishare mobile app the users will have access to a platform where he can buy or sell 3.2 Billion homes, buildings and timeshare, avail car rentals, reserve hotels, book flights and even manage the stocks in the stock market from by a click of mobile and earn profits while enjoying vacations at his/her favorite leisure location with his/ her loving ones. Currently, there are 3.2 Billion homes and buildings WorldWide however new home buyers will be presented with with share price for each real estate. Property owners can offer price per share on their money producing assets / stocks and be able to keep track of their travel expenses and travel movements. Timeishare platform is a low cost developed system that can be scaled to operate the banking system financial transactions. These bank properties will be displayed on Timeshare Stock Market stock ticker displaying 3.2 Billion assets with each property assigned with a stock symbol however similar to Twitter displaying “Twitter Display Name “Handle” @property, but timeishare will use $propertystocksymbol “ to appear on TV Networks worldwide.

This application will target the untapped market of $25 trillion that is occupied by stock scams hence reducing the losses due to scams. Identify Unelected Bankers to eliminate the $12 Trillion a year stock scam by using fingerprint scanner on mobile devices. This will allow unelected bankers to be identified to track and secure financial transactions through emergency lending programs. Timeishare will allow banks to eliminate foreclosed homes to offload bad assets, which is at around 8 Million homes, however by utilizing the stock market integrated into timeishare platform. The other leading players include Marriott International, Starwood Hotels, Hilton Hotels and Hyatt Hotels among others. Also, for real time stock management many global stock exchange firms such as NewYork Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Euronext, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange, BME Spanish Exchanges, Italian Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Korea Exchange, SWX Swiss Exchange, OMX Nordic Exchanges, and Toronto Stock Exchange would benefit from licensing from Timeishare to reduce the $25 Trillion in stock scams a year.

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