Primer on The Cube Queen

The Queen

Trojan Horse

…of the inter-dimensional kind.

During Chapter 2’s Season 7, a mysterious alien species attacked the Island. Headed straight to the last known trail of the Zero Point’s energy — the Spire, they attempt to retrieve it using their Mothership’s laser.

Danger Cubed

…still in their sleep.

Thankfully, most cubes on the Island were inactive, having to be reawakened personally by a Golden one: their leader.

The Pyramid

Darkness Rose

…with nefarious purpose.

The Queen’s mission is to bring her home dimension — the Sideways — into every Reality. She sees this as benevolence, for an unknown reason.

Only Nothing

…will remain.

Aware of the IO and the Seven’s conflict. Aware of the Zero Point’s nature as the very center of all existence, a gateway to facilitate her mission a thousandfold.


With the Pyramid’s true purpose yet to be unveiled, we’re left wondering how this season might end. Will we see another Island? Will this Reality truly end, as all others who’ve faced the Queen’s wrath?



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