3 Strategies To Implement the Right Digital Solution

There are solutions that favors complexity and there are solutions that favors simplicity.

When we come up with a solution, our default is looking at the simple and innovative solutions to speed things up.

The simpler or faster solutions should not only mean the easiest the immediate solution. Because solutions cause different sets of problems too. So we have to look past the short term problem and imagine what could possibly go wrong after that.

For example, when implementing a content management system online. We should not only look at how fast it is. Or how high quality a particular system is. We also have to look at what kind of problem they solve or generate in the future.

Some content management system are difficult to integrate with other technologies. But they are more powerful solutions in the long run.

So here goes 3 thought strategies when shopping digital solutions to solve a problem:


A solution that can be implemented swiftly. Be operated by generalists. And find it’s way into the current system without hiccups. That means low-costs and fast turn over advantages.

2. Future use

Some platforms are very good right now. But they are going away. It’s our job to keep an eye out for our clients about that.

3. Speed

How fast we can get the solutions running is often a very important factor.

A good solution implemented today is often a better solution than the perfect solution implemented 6 months late.

When we design solutions for our clients, we must take into account how fast they want to solve the problem.

That’s why discovery phases are important. Every business have a different time-frame and strategy to achieve their goals. We can enable businesses but we should not impose and create obstruction.

We cannot rely on only one system that has worked for the last project and repeat it without paying close attention to our client’s particular needs. They might be after something entirely different.

By using these 3 framework, every project can start with yielding full potential in mind.

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