The Cone of Shame (AKA It’s the Cat’s Fault)

Most of the time we identify The Cone of Shame with an animal wearing it because of some surgery. It looks like a lampshade that usually a dog (since you don’t see cats often wearing one of these but it does happen once in awhile, as per picture here) has to wear with it’s head sticking through the top of the lampshade. You can probably guess why it’s called the Cone of Shame. Just look at it. That poor animal.

Meet Hercules. Hercules is currently residing at the Delaware Humane Association where I volunteer in the cattery. Isn’t he adorable? First look a person might say “That poor cat, he’s wearing a cone.” Yes he is, but it’s his fault he’s wearing it. Yeah, that’s a bit unusual. He didn’t have surgery. He’s been wearing it for quite some time now. It’s very much on him that he’s in that cone. Hercules won’t stop picking at some fur on him. So for his bad behavior he’s in a Cone of Shame and he might be in one permanently since he won’t break his bad habit (which is what the cone was originally for). Naughty, naughty Hercules! While everyone else feels bad for him, us volunteers and the staff just shake our heads.

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