The Sundial of Anger

Feeling wronged is the source of excruciating emotional pain. Too difficult to bear on its own, the feeling needs to mutate into a diluted state and it becomes anger.

Injustice drills a hole through the heart. Anger spreads out and when it reaches the brain, it spawns a form of lunacy that ancients knew so well.

It is not a cold emotion so its specific duration in time would naturally be measured best by the solar cycle. The sundial becomes anger’s timepiece.

As the shadows of the day become longer and evening sets in, anger finds some solace in nightly coolness. It erupts though again in the morning, with the ascension of the sun and it is piercing again at midday, with its precise arrow of light.

How can this cycle be stopped, before the soul tethered to a rotating piece of mud becomes all brittle?

No one knows. Sometimes the injustice is an illusion and perceiving it as such kills the emotion.

At other times, the sundial disappears under a new construction that buries everything underneath.

Finally, the sun itself may enter a glaciary period and its meagre rays die en route.

One thing seems certain: the planet where anger would live till extinction is, puzzlingly enough, Venus.

The name of the planet commonly associated with the pleasures of beauty and love is a misnomer.

Venus has the longest days in our solar system and its slowness befits a tardy emotion that may go away, but leaves the chimney full of soot.