Rose Gold Watches: A Guide For Men

If you’ve shopped around for jewelry recently, you’d know that rose gold has been on the rise. Rose gold is essentially traditional yellow gold, but with more copper. This gives the gold a darker, more masculine look. Here are 5 of our favorite rose gold watches for men:

1. Fusion RX Rose Gold Men’s Watch

RRP: $749.00 | Available For: $229.00

2. Explorer Rose Gold Watch

RRP: $749.00 | Available For: $189.00

3. Magnum Watch

RRP: $789.00 | Available For: $229.00

4. Maestro Rose Gold Watch

RRP: $749.00 | Available For: $209.00

5. Valiant Men’s Watch — Rose Gold

RRP: $699.00 | Available For: $219.00