Complete the look with a leather laptop briefcase

Let’s face it — in this modern day and age you laptop could just as well fall into the category of accessories, because you need to carry it on hand pretty much everywhere you go. Not to mention the great time and effort put into perfecting the designs of those things. And quite successfully, you have to admit, enough so that a laptop can be the main star of flat lays around the world. But besides the occasional home based flat lay, you do need to carry it around everywhere and you don’t actually carry it in hand, wrapped in a pashmina. So let’s talk about the actual accessories that are pivotal to a modern man’s look — the leather laptop briefcase.

You know that black laptop bag that you have in your closet, made from what seems to be tent cloth, with a logo of some company you never heard about — throw it away. Yes, we all have them, they seem to appear at the house all by themselves and then we just start using them because they are there already, so why bother. But do bother. A laptop bag is a necessity that you simply can’t deny, as we already agreed, it is your daily companion. The tent cloth thing might be handy, literally, as it is right under your hand, but they don’t do much for your overall look. So don’t let some logo you never heard about make a decision about your everyday style for you: do it yourself , purposely and thoughtfully.

And when you are doing it thoughtfully, there should be nothing else on your mind, but leather — a leather laptop briefcase that is. A laptop briefcase in any other material is not going to look as serious or be as versatile. Not to mention that it is the most durable, which in turn means that you only need to look for a laptop briefcase once and then not need to bother about it for a good while. A leather laptop briefcase will also keep your hardware safe from scratches and it will not rip easily.

But the most important thing is that a brown leather laptop briefcase is a completely versatile accessory, which can go from business to athletic and anywhere in between. At Time Resistance we got a bunch of options that offer such versatility: leather laptop briefcases that are solid but casual, completely in line with a relaxed every day look. Perfect for when your work situation is a combination of formal meetings and foosball on coffee breaks. Such leather briefcases, clean and minimal in design are utterly undemanding and go with any outfit of the day, be it jeans and a t-shirt, Hawaiian shorts or even tights on you way to a yoga class.

Therefore it is a smart thing to have in your arsenal even for those occasions when you do not need to bring your laptop. You just throw you knickknacks in and you are on your way, no need to debate the right accessory to complete the outfit or match the situation, a brown leather laptop briefcase goes with anything!

The solid but casual option can still convert perfectly well to a more formal environment, but if your daily attire involves a suit and some serious demands for a well-polished look, you might want to get a laptop briefcase that is closer to a briefcase than a shoulder bag. And we got plenty of options of classic timeless leather briefcases that are perfect for accommodating a laptop while fitting right in to high demanding business environment.

And if your lifestyle is on the opposite side of the spectrum and you are the guy that bikes to the office, you might keep thinking outside of the box and get a good quality leather backpack to serve as your laptop briefcase. At Time Resistance we got leather backpacks that are purposely designed for carrying a laptop and are accommodated with padded pockets to keep them safe. However, if you are biking to your office at a law firm, then scratch that and return to the leather briefcase page. Let’s think outside of the box but keep up the appearances. So no modern man or his look is complete without a genuine leather laptop briefcase for that flat lay worthy laptop of his. So think which option would best fit your daily attire and allow me to get a trash bag for that tent cloth you’ve been carrying around.

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