Pradip Burman | Biography — Founder of Mobius Foundation, Chairman of Dabur Nepal Pvt Limited

Founding Companies:

Mr.Burman is currently the Chairman of Dabur Nepal Pvt Limited ( a subsidiary of Dabur India Ltd) and also serves as a promoter director on the Board of Aviva Life Insurance Co. Ltd

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Mr. Burman is the Chairman of Sanat Products Limited.

Sanat Products Ltd. is an emerging innovation driven pharmaceutical company, based at the Capital of India New Delhi. Established in the year 1984, the company is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and herbal extracts.

Mr Burman is the Chairman of Ayurvet Limited.

Ayurvet Limited is one of India’s leading animal care companies specializing in 100% natural & safe herbal products. The company’s portfolio includes herbal healthcare and nutritional products catering to a wide range of animal species.

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Mr Pradip Burman is the chairman of Mobius Foundation.

Mobius Foundation, established in 2015, is a non-profit organization working towards environmental sustainability. In a world struggling with scarcity, the foundation believes that environmental conservation is the key to a better future and a greener planet. With the objective of creating awareness, Mobius Foundation has been spearheading various educational programmes around the country.

Mr. Pradip Burman serves as a promoter director on the Board of Aviva Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Aviva amongst the leading insurers in India with a quality business model based on sustainable growth.

Life & Education :

Pradip Burman born in 1942 at Amritsar (Punjab), is a great grandson of the founder of Dabur, Dr S. K Burman.

The Burman family was Kolkata based. He went to boarding school in Darjeeling and then, to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, USA. He came home with a B.SC in Mechanical Engineering. In 1968 he joined the family business, Dabur, as a Management Trainee. In 1975, Pradip Burman was made Director, and was in charge of the Kolkata plant for next 7 years.

Over the years, he was engaged in leading the companies that merged with Dabur India Ltd., such as Vidogum & Chemicals Ltd.

Passionately interested in social causes, he has also headed the PHD Rural Development Foundation (1996–1999). He is the Chairman of Sundesh, an NGO supported by Dabur India Limited, doing work in rural areas around Ghaziabad UP), and a trustee of the Climate Reality Project — India (affiliated to Mr. Al Gore of the Climate Reality Project Foundation, USA).

Pradip Burman is also the Chairman of the Mobius Foundation (a non-profit organisation) which is establishing two schools — the World Environment School in Coorg, Karnataka and other one in Village Atrouli, Distt. Hapur (UP)

He is a voracious reader, and a lover of music. But his passion is to stop the degradation of the ecology.

Mr. Burman said, “With the advancement in technology and fast-paced developments, it is vital to build an eco-system which protects the only planet we have. Our Earth is being degraded. Diesel and petrol emissions, smoke from coal and wood, factories spewing smoke pollutes the air we breathe. Factory waste and sewage are poured into rivers and lakes, poisoning the water we drink. Chemicals, in the form of fertilisers and insecticides, permeate into the earth and are absorbed into the crops we eat. Millions of trees, that provide our oxygen, are cut down and made into furniture, toys, doors and window frames.

I am responsible, you are responsible, every body is responsible to make changes in their lives, so that your grand-children do not need to wear oxygen masks and can eat fresh vegetables instead of synthetic food.”

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