I do not know how this article appeared in my Facebook profile but just to tell you all, the…
Reinaldo Torres

You’ve misunderstood the article but to be fair I don’t think I made the main point clear enough. These new instruments aren’t about being good at music, they’re about having an immersive creative experience. A Canon 5D isn’t going to make someone a good photographer but the guys behind instagram turned photography into a great experience. And that’s the key word — experience — not excellence. Look at the games industry — it wouldn’t make sense to criticise the games industry for trying to make everyone an outstanding gamer. Sure there are outstanding gamers but the industry doesn’t thrive on creating super-high-end pro experiences for this select few, it thrives on providing an immersive and accessible experience for many. Right now I’m not flying the flag for ‘good’ musicians making ‘good’ recordings (although I’m all for that), I’m flying the flag for engaged people having a great musically creative experience.

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