Pinterest will monetize, and that’s ok.

Businesses gotta make money to survive, right? 

Tim Falls
Tim Falls
Sep 20, 2013 · 2 min read

I just received an email from Pinterest’s CEO, Ben Silbermann. So did millions of other people. After reading said email, I was inspired to write about it. I’m guessing millions of other people weren’t similarly inspired, so I’ll do my part in sharing what I think is a great example of communications, from which other companies can learn.

First things first — here’s what Ben had to say…

What’s so special about this email?

Here’s what’s so special:

It’s human — he leads off by introducing us to his family.

It’s engaging— those links lead to his personal Pinterest account, where you find pics of his [super cute!] kid and a cool video that you might even re-pin.

It’s relatable — he tells us how he uses the product and recognizes that we likely use it in similar ways.(“We’re not so different, you and I”)

It’s multifunctional — he demos the product, by showing us his own pins; he establishes a value proposition; he subliminally reactivates us as users.

It’s honest — businesses have to make money to survive; Pinterest is not the exception. He recognizes a reality that we can all accept as truth.

It’s proactive — he predicts (quite accurately, in most cases) the reactions that we’ll have, and he addresses them before we can even react.

It’s transparent — he tells us what to expect in the immediate future, by explaining how they’ll execute going forward.

It’s collaborative — he invites feedback and ensures us that our ideas will be heard and taken into consideration.

It’s simple—you can read its entirety in 2 minutes or get the most important point within 5 seconds, by reading the bolded words.

The next time you communicate with your community, integrate these 9 principals into the message.

I betcha you’ll be perceived as a darn good person and garner the trust of your audience.

    Tim Falls

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    Tim Falls

    Husband and puppy-daddy 💞🐶 Living in LA, working remotely, thinking openly, learning constantly, exploring curiously, and writing about it, sometimes. ✍️

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