Kids, STEM, and the age of freedom

I was recently forwarded a video of a presenter at a Javascript conference. The presenter brought his child on stage, and went through some small scripts that they’d written, and everyone was very happy; because STEM is great and even more so when it’s applied to children so early.

My son recently turned two. He loves painting, trains, going outside, chasing his parents and the puppy around and generally being a really super fun kid. I couldn’t be happier to be his father.

One of the reasons that I’m so proud of him is that he has the free spirit and creativity that I wish I had more of. Being creative is one of the areas that I feel incredibility deficient. My career requires me to follow rules, be pragmatic, and incredibility explicit.

I often seek to have the sense of adventure, joy, and passion about life that he has every single day. If he wants to be a programmer one day, or otherwise pursue STEM education, I will be wholly supportive. But, I will not be attempting to teach him how to code any time soon.

Maybe, one day, we’ll talk about programming.

Right now, he’s going to be a little boy.

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