We had a big party yesterday to celebrate my brother finishing school and his birthday. It was a great party with lots of family and friends.

My dad made a point of buying some champagne. For some reason I get very excited when that happens. That’s odd, because objectively Champagne isn’t even a very good wine.

The Champagne region, centred around the towns of Ay and Épernay are some of the most northern wine regions in France. A couple of miles north the Belgians make beer, not wine. It’s cold, rainy and there’s not a lot of sun. The regions strict appellation rules mean that there’s a very limited number of things the winemakers can do to help their wine. They’re only allowed to harvest in a very small period, they’re only allowed to use a small amount of juice from the grapes to make champagne. Objectively these are not factos that make a good wine.

But I enjoy drinking champagne much more than other, better wines. And so do many other people. It’s the reason bottles of champagne sell for so much more than other wines. Is it mostly good marketing? Yes. But that doesn’t make it less real. If we like champagne better because it makes us feel good and tingly inside then that’s probably worth the extra cash.

So go out tonight and buy a bottle of champagne, even if you’ve got nothing to celebrate.

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