3 Hilarious Female Comedians Which Will Make Audiences LOL

For the longest time, men have been in the spotlight when we’re talking about the stand-up comedy scene. However, in the last few years, we’re starting to see a lot more female comedians doing stand-up shows.

Entertainment is a huge industry where any talented artist can find its place and its voice.

However, event planners struggle to find comedians who are genuinely funny and can contribute to the event’s success.

This is why we decided to help you out in the process and give you some fantastic suggestions for an upcoming event.

Here are three talented female comedians which you need to consider.

3 Hilarious Female Comedians Which Will Make Audiences LOL

1. Tammy Pescatelli

Tammy Pescatelli is the type of person who can always say a good joke. Her comedy skills can partly be attributed to the fact that she grew up in a large Italian family.

The man she married is also part of an Italian family, which means that now her inspiration for the jokes has doubled.

When people ask Tammy how she comes up with comedy material, she casually says “I wake up!”. The reason behind this is the fact that she has an eye for finding humor in every situation.

Recently, she even released a 1-hour special called Finding The Funny which was created as an exclusive deal with Netflix. The show was chosen as “New and Noteworthy” by iTunes editors.

Aside from this comedy special, Tammy co-created, executive produced, wrote and starred in her reality series called A Stand-Up Mother. In this show, she documented her life as a mother and how she grew her career. Everything is, of course, presented hilariously.

2. Anjelah Johnson

Anjelah Johnson was born and raised in San Jose, California in an extended family. She has four more brothers and is of Mexican and Native American descent.

At the beginning of her career, Anjelah was a professional cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders, and after Super Bowl XXXVII she decided to move to LA and pursue her acting career.

Shortly after, one of her stand-up acts called Nail Salon turned her into an internet sensation. The video of her performance became viral and helped her regarding stand-up opportunities.

If you’re curious or you didn’t see the video yet, you can watch it below.

Until now, Anjelah has starred in plenty of shows such as The Shield, Ugly Betty, or Curb Your Enthusiasm. She also does comedy shows all over the country which are sold out every time.

3. Cory Kahaney

Cory Kahaney has been the grand finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, but she’s also been featured in other reality shows such as America’s Funniest Mom to Next Food Network Star and the Apprentice.

She has also been named the Best Comedian in NYC by Backstage and Best Female Comedian NYC, which makes Cory one of America’s premiere stand-up female comedians.

In 2016, she had an amazing performance on America’s Got Talent. Today, she continues to do tours all around the country and makes all kinds of audiences laugh out loud.

These 3 Female Comedians Are Worth to Be Considered

If you want to hire a talented comedian for your next event, then you can safely consider one of these three amazing women who can put on a show.

Have any questions about booking them? Then don’t hesitate to give us a call at (615) 283–0039. We’ll do our best to help you make the right decision.

Originally published at The Grable Group.