The Banality of Politics

How our media forum has me yawning

I was watching Russell Brand’s weekly broadcast on YouTube called The Trews when the motivation to write this piece struck me. In an era where college degrees are more readily available than a steady water supply for our country’s entire population, I wonder why it is that we as a nation put up with the nonsense that is our media forum. By that I mean sources like Fox News, MSNBC and even CNN (the one channel I can watch for more than 10 minutes without vomiting). The overt propaganda displayed on these outlets make me question not the people making the outlandish claims during primetime; now, what concerns me is the “educated” people feeding into such nonsense.

Russell Brand’s show, The Trews

Take for instance Mr. Brand’s hilariously accurate video of Fox News’ program Fox Five, where the hosts of the show berate and belittle Brand for his opinion on politics. It is no secret that Russell Brand is a liberal, and Fox News is clearly a conservative organization, so it is natural for one to understand why they would so harshly criticize a recognizable face with opposing views, but the how is what I want to discern. Keep in mind, Brand had appeared on the show several months before and was able to contritely condemn the show for its dispensary of mundane “facts,” but the host decided to revisit the subject of Russell Brand the celebrity figure after that airing, when Brand wasn’t able to attend or defend himself; this is a problem.

What happened next was an outlandish attempt to align with the viewers point of view, to show that Brand is a misshapen idol who was a drug addict and is an all too real threat to the furthering of the conservative ideology. The latter may be true, the former is irrelevant and only condemns your argument as it only plays to show how arrogant you truly are to argue politics with social habits, as if Brand’s use of drugs has anything to do with his political beliefs. This isn’t to say that other political outlets aren’t guilty of the same exact error, I am sure MSNBC and CNN bring color commentary in to almost every subject, I’ve just never watched long enough to know.

This example is meant only to validate the reason of this essay. Why has America relied on these outlets to bring us our “news” for so long, quoting them as credible sources when they are truly just evening talk shows with cheap set budgets and hosts who still act like they’re freshman in college? You know, the kid who just realized politics existed and fights tooth and nail for whoever they think is more progressive (New England small colleges) or more traditional (the SEC).

The segments that these outlets run dig graves in party lines, narrowing the purpose of a Democrat or a Republican to the belief or disbelief in gay marriage, abortion and who should pay for our debt, when the genuine essence of a party can’t rely on 3 singular items to define itself. Unfortunately, it is my opinion that the years of berating these topics on every media station from here to Tuscaloosa has our country defining party lines exactly within those closely defined quarters. There is no wiggle room, no room for growth, development or dare I say it, partnership. We are now, as citizens, defined by who we side with, and once making that decision, we must stand by as our party leaders degrade any sense of decency we have left while lining their own immoral pockets with tax dollars and bribes to a point that George Washington himself would surely be turning over in his grave.

Fox News show, The Fox Five

I am a declared independent, and if forced to align with something by the people who pry I usually describe the Libertarian party to them, but it is sad that in this day and age we must call ourselves something so that we may be generalized and decided upon before the second sentence of explanation. I blame this entirely on our inherently gullible nature and our incessant consumption of shows led by pundits like Bill O’Reilly and Rachel Maddow as if their hyperbole regarding the latest cycle of media has anything to do with the way we develop as a nation.

In short, I found myself listening intently to Russell Brand as he eloquently dejected the perpetuation of misinformation from American media sources that used his beliefs and his lifestyle as some sort of tactic to scare party followers into ridding this country of like-minded individuals. And while my example shows a conservative talk show degrading a notable liberal celebrity, don’t be so quick to assume that the Democrats of this country are taking the moral high ground, I’m sure a quick YouTube search would reveal the true nature of the beast. Don’t take the word of a talk show host on a politically funded television show as fact, or anything close to that. In that assumption you would be quick to realize your own error in believing that they are telling you anything but spoon fed nonsense straight from the under belly of their respective party’s core.

Stop watching the “news.”

Banksy, One Nation Under CCTV