Why we should follow the design of the human brain

Artificial Intelligence has always been the darling of storytellers since the idea was first envisioned. In the stories robots either serve us or rise against us. But it has never been within the realm of possibility until now. Great strides have been made in cognitive computing and true artificial intelligence is only a matter of time.

Deep Learning is a technology that interests me greatly and is now on the forefront of technology advances. Deep Learning uses neural networks to simulate how the human brain works and so far has been able to do some amazing stuff. It’s very brain like in the way it works. I think the closer we get to the human brain for AI advances, the closer we’ll get to true AI. Technological innovations in the past have always been most successful when following the design God has put in nature. The human eye came before camera lenses, Birds came before human flight, Bats built in sonar came before human sonar technology. God’s design provided the inspiration for many designs we see today.

The design of the human brain just can not be surpassed

People have long sought the path to true Artificial Intelligence and have done so using many different methods. Most of these methods are very different from how the human brain works. Most use discrete measurements of the world and are not very good at adapting to noise in the data and are very rigid when it comes to their logic. This makes them very good for a quantified problem but not very good at handling unexpected problems and being flexible in their approach to problems. I believe neural networks are the future of AI. The design of the human brain just can’t be surpassed.

The human brain is a very complicated and well thought-out design. I think we would do well to copy it. It’s not just a neural network, it’s a complicated feedback and feed forward system that uses invariant representations to recognize patterns and remember them later. The neocortex uses a hierarchal system of memory to remember patterns and to respond to input. I learned about this system in a book called On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins. The theory for how the brain works that was proposed in this book has stuck with through the years and I think researches should take advantage of it. The only place were going to get true artificial intelligence is in the design of the human brain. Researchers have tried to solve the problem using their own way for decades and have mostly failed. If more people would study this theory of how the brain works progress would come much sooner. If you’re interested in learning more, I’d recommend you read the book Jeff wrote — Its a doozer. The era of machine intelligence is on us and neural networks using the principles of the brain will lead the way.

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