My Version of the Internet

I’ve always thought that the Internet was too free and unrestricted. Hackers can crawl into any computer they like and steal personal information. This is a dangerous state of affairs. What we need is more secure connections that utilize secure and private data transfer. Connections are unsecured and you never really know who you’re talking too. This makes it easy to slip into someone else’s computer. VPN is an example of a secure protocol. It establishes a connection between you and the other guy that cannot be breached. HTTPS is fine but it doesn’t have the privacy that you want. HTTPS does give you a secure connection that can be verified but it’s only so good. Hackers still break through and steal. A good connection would have undeniable verification. The only way this could be accomplished is if the Internet was government regulated. Right now it’s the Wild West which is fine but you might get shot. Computer security has always been an interest of mine and I’d love to see secure connections made common. Real Internet security would require hardware that was custom created to verify that the person you’re talking to is really the person you’re talking to.

Viruses are commonly downloaded from sites that pretend to be something they’re not. Verified connections would eliminate this threat.

Some people are afraid of the Internet becoming too restricted but I think this is a fallacy. The Internet can never be too secure. It takes regulation to achieve true security. Government regulation is what’s needed to secure our web.

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