Tips for better photos

Or things to remember when taking photos

  1. Don’t just stand in one place and take the walk-up picture. Then you’ll only have photos that everybody else has already taken. Move around and get creative.
  2. If your photos aren’t good enough you’re not close enough. Take a picture of what your taking a picture of, not of everything around it.
  3. Use the rule of thirds. Seriously, it works better.
  4. Don’t just use the zoom on your lens. Zoom with your feet. You’ll take better pictures.
  5. Wait for the light. Pictures are all about the light. Sunset is the best time to take pictures with its dramatic red light. Also wait for light to break through the clouds after storms.
  6. There are three elements in a photo that can make it interesting. That’s light, gesture, and color (as told by Jay Maisel). You have to have at least one of them.
  7. Don’t chimp. Looking at your photos right away may seem like a reward at first but its better to just remember what your picture looked like. Then you’ll be able to concentrate more on taking pictures and not ooh’ing and ahh’ing over the pictures you’ve already taken.
  8. Don’t copy. Be true to your own artistic sense. I’ve seen pictures that looked like nothing I’d want to see but were technically well done, but when you follow your creative intuition it will give you original ideas.
  9. Get a prime lens. They’re better and cheaper than their zoom cousins. It will also force you to be creative. If you have an APS-C camera get a 35mm lens. If you have a full-frame camera get a 50mm lens.
  10. Its not about the equipment. You can take great pictures with an iPhone camera and they’ll have optical zoom soon too. Concentrate on taking a good picture and you’ll be able to forget about your equipment and just be in the moment.