Why Robots will Not Take Over the World

Or why robots won’t have feelings

Science fiction has often depicted artificial intelligence as taking on its own purposes and wiping out or taking over the human race. We seem to think these machines will take on human-like personalities. However the opposite is probably true. Machines won’t have emotions like humans because they are just not built that way. Humans have built in desires and drives that are not necessary to intelligence but we have them and that’s how we were designed. Robots don’t have these desires because they were not given them by their creators. It amazes me that people seem to think that we would design robots with their own desires and emotions. We don’t want robots that have their own ambitions because then they would be independent. Robots will not be our friends but rather will be our willing helpers and creations. They may even take us into space someday.

So the question arises, could robots become self-aware? In short no, because they would have to be designed that way. There are many kinds of intelligence but the variety found in human brains is a predictive memory hierarchy made out of a network of neurons. Intelligence does not infer emotions or self-awareness. It’s just what we call the various methods of acquiring knowledge and inferring information from other information. Robots could be programmed to have emotions and desires but they probably won’t because we won’t program them to have emotions and desires. So what will robots be like? Current technology gives a good idea of what it will be like. Technology already is able to predict what you want based on what you’ve done in the past. Services like Amazon already have this feature. Robots won’t have emotions and desires (unless we give them that), because what man needs is tools, not companions.

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