Will VR Take Over?

When VR was first invented it was of low resolution “games” that could be played using a VR helmet. It was promising but still not very accessible to the average person. That has changed now with the advent of more powerful computing which can handle the requirements of VR graphics. Still the language of VR is little known and we are still learning how to use it. VR is different than film in that there is no frame for drawing your attention to a certain part of the scene. Audio cues could be used to direct the viewer to certain parts of the screen and visual cues could be used to direct the viewer to certain parts of the screen too, but the language has yet to be invented yet. VR can be computer generated or filmed using a VR camera but the rules of the medium will still be the same. I find this process of finding the language fascinating. Sometimes it will be obvious that the main character in a VR film will need attention, but other times it’s not so obvious. Should a cut be introduced to move the viewer closer to the action or would that be too confusing? Still it shows great promise and will probably take off within the next five years and become a part of our daily lives. I’d like to see how it turns out.

I’m a filmmaker and technology enthusiast who wants to share my ideas with the world.

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